?? MotorKhana No.1   SMSP Skid Pan

MotorKhana No.1 SMSP Skid Pan

28 March 2021 at 10.00am

MotorKhana on Sydney Motorsport Park Skid Pan is challenging, entertaining and educational. If you are interested in learning about precision car control in a fun and/or competitive environment then this event is for you! In car instructors are normally provided at our events.

Note the late start of this MotorKhana. The normal start is 8AM but due to road closure considerations on that weekend, we will be running from 10AM to 6PM.

This MotorKhana is part of a 5 MotorKhana Championship with valuable trophies awarded a the end of the year at the Club's Annual Dinner.
All the rules for MotorKhana are published in "Motorsport" on this website.
Registration for this event opens one month before the event date. Get in early to not miss out.

No helmets are required, only enclosed shoes, a t-shirt and shorts at a minimum.
All brands of vehicles are permitted and BMWs are preferred.
Visitors are welcome to one event at an extra $40 entry fee and are expected to join the club to enter future events.

To compete, you will require a valid Motorsport Australia L2NS licence (at a minimum). Members of Motorsport Australia affiliated clubs such as ours can obtained that licence online at https://www.motorsport.org.au/register or https://motorsport.org.au/login. It pays to belong to our club.

Cost: $ 80.00

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?? MotorKhana No.1   SMSP Skid Pan