?? Supersprint Rnd.3   SMSP Amaroo

Supersprint Rnd.3 SMSP Amaroo

8 May 2021 at 7.30am

For Supersprint Rnd.3 we return to Amaroo Circuit at Sydney Motorsport Park on Saturday 8 May. You must read the Supersprint Rules and the Supp. Regs. for this event and complete all the paperwork.

We need to understand that all drivers who enter cars in our Motorsport Events have their car owner's permission to enter. We have changed our Annex-C to Annex-C Ver.2-2021 and you must submit that form once for your car for the whole year or whenever you change the modification status of your car and then sign it and email it to motorsport@bmwclubnsw.asn.au . This form now includes your signed statement:

"I, the competitor/driver (name) ______________ own this automobile or have permission from the owner to drive it in the club's motorsport events and also confirm that the above modification sheet declaration for this automobile is correct and acknowledge that, if found to be incorrect, all points accrued for this championship year may be forfeit and I will be ineligible to accrue points for the remainder of this year."

This applies to all 9 of our Supersprint Classes (C, B, A, MB, MA, PC, PB, PA and O). We will have the Annex-C register at Amaroo on Saturday Morning so that you can check and upgrade your Annex C to Annex-C Ver.2-2021.

ALSO to comply with Covid-19 requirements and make the task at the sign-on desk easy, read the Sup. Regs. and please:
Download, read and complete the Disclaimer,
Download, read and complete the Compliance,
Download, check your car and complete your car's Self-Checklist-Speed,
sign all three documents and email them to motorsport@bmwclubnsw.asn.au by 1 May and bring the printed copy with you. If you are not able to email these docs then bring them with you to the sign-on desk.

The Self-Check is your Car Scrutiny and your car must comply with Motorsport Australia Manual of Motorsport Schedules A thru E requirements including fire extinguisher and tow couplings. Cars will be target checked by the Scrutiny team at Amaroo. If your car does not comply then you will not be on the circuit.

We have a full field of 60 drivers for this Supersprint. If, you missed out please email motorsport@bmwclubnsw.asn.au and request to be on the reserve list.

As with all our Supersprints, this one is open to any driver with a Motorsport Australia L2S licence or better. To get an L2S the driver must be a member of a Motorsport Australia Affiliated Club. Members of BMW Drivers Club NSW or one of the other Official BMW Clubs pay $240 to Register while Visitors / Guests from other clubs pay an extra $50 at the Sign-on desk on the day. It pays to belong to our club.

We are looking for volunteers to be Flag Marshals at this Supersprint. Be a Flag Marshal, be involves in all the action viewing from trackside and communicate with Race Control via two-way radio. Flag Marshals can have laps in the passenger's seat of a Supersprint car at lunch time and lunch is provided. You do not need experience as we do provide a full Flag Marshal Briefing. If you would like to be a Flag Marshal, please email motorsport@bmwclubnsw.asn.au .

Cost: $ 240.00

Registration for this event has now closed. We look forward to welcoming you to another event.

?? Supersprint Rnd.3   SMSP Amaroo