?? Supersprint Rnd.1  SMSP Amaroo

Supersprint Rnd.1 SMSP Amaroo

21 February 2021 at 7.30am

Amaroo Park was a greatly loved 1.9KM car race circuit at Annangrove. It was closed by housing 24 years ago. Sorry if you missed that one. 10 years ago Amaroo was reinvented as the 1.8KM tight and challenging South Circuit at Sydney Motorsport Park. We have been running Supersprints on this, now much loved, circuit since then and if you have not had a go on this circuit then this Supersprint is your opportunity. Visitors are welcome to one event at an extra $50 entry fee and are expected to join the club to enter future events. It pays to belong to our club. All BMWs from older 4 cylinder to the latest M2, M3 and M4 and we even accept other automobiles but prefer BMWs. Register as early as you can, numbers will be limited. Registration opens 20 January and finished by 15 February.

To enter to be in any of our 2021 Supersprint Championship:
1. To compete in this event and any of our Motorsport events you will require a valid Motorsport Australia L2NS licence (at a minimum). Members of Motorsport Australia affiliated clubs such as ours can obtained that licence online at https://www.motorsport.org.au/register or https://motorsport.org.au/login.
2. This event is 1 round of 8 rounds of our 2021 club Championship. All the championship rules are published in "Motorsport" on this website. You join the Supersprint Championship by reading and understanding the rules published in https://www.bmwclubnsw.asn.au/current-supersprint-competition-rules on this website then downloading, completing and submitting an Annex-C form for your automobile to: motorsport@bmwclubnsw.asn.au You need to do this only once for the year unless you modify your automobile and then let us know by submitting a revised Annex-C. There will be no back accumulation of points for late provision of Annex-C.
3. Also, Motorsport Australia requires: "Where the owner of the automobile is not the Competitor, the Competitor must produce written consent from the owner authorising the use of the Automobile in the Competition". That is, if the car is registered in your name then submit a scan of the car's registration or a scan of the Motorsport Australia Log Book for the car if it is log-booked. If the car is not in your name then you must gain permission from the owner and submit a Motorsport Australia Automobile Owner's Declaration for the automobile. We will record your approval to drive so you need to do this only once for the year and you do it on or with your car's 2021 Annex-C form.
4. Prepare your car as the rules require with fire extinguisher etc. and have your helmet, appropriate attire and footwear. .
So that means:
Have a Motorsprort Australia Licence
Read the rules, complete and submit an Annex-C for your Automobile
submit a permit to enter from your automobiles owner.
5. There are many rules for the running of this event under Covid-19 restrictions. We will be adhering to 1.5M social distancing and you will not be gathering or queueing.

On the day, arrive from 7:30 to 8:30, you will be marked off as present, issued with your driver's wrist band, car number and starting grid position. Car number digits $2 each and battery triangles $1 will be available for purchase and must be affixed to the car. Include your desired car number (1, 2 or 3 digits) on your online registration. You will be given that number unless it is already claimed by another driver, then I will issue your car number. I will email Driver Briefing notes before the event and will, if possible on the day, try to have a short Covid-19 Socially Isolated, Driver briefing.

We are looking for volunteer Flag Marshals for this event. Please contact motorsport@bmwclubnsw.asn.au if you can help. Drivers who volunteer receive competition points.

COMPLETE & SUBMIT the following 5 documents to motorsport@bmwclubnsw.asn.au by 15 February 2021 with "Rnd 1 Docs - Your name' in the subject line:
- Annex-C Form 2021 - To accrue points and be formally included in this championship
- Risk, Indemnity Disclaimer
- Statement of Vehicle Compliance
- Self checklist - Speed
- Legal Owners Documentation (Approval to enter from the owner)
- READ & AGREE to the event Supp. Regs. Permit No. 221/2102/05

Note: For future events it will most likely be only 3 docs to email as we will have your Annex-C and approval to enter.

Cost: $ 240.00

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?? Supersprint Rnd.1  SMSP Amaroo