Historic and Classic Vehicle Registration

The club has been approved by the RTA to be a part of the Historic Vehicle Registration scheme. This means that cars 30 years or older can be registered and insured with significant savings. The car does not have to be a BMW.  The relevant forms can be found on the links below or can be downloaded from the RMS website. The club is part of the 60 day logbook trial scheme which allows the car to be driven for up to 60 days. This does not include attendance at club events. Full details on this scheme and on historic registration can be found on the RMS website.

The club has also been approved to be part of the Classic Vehicle Registration scheme. This covers vehicles 30 years or older which have been modified and engineered.

Please be advised that the club requires attendance at a minimum of ONE club event per year.

If you have any questions, please contact the Historic Plates Registrar