BMW Clubs Live Sessions Vo.7

BMW Clubs and Community Management (BCCM), the department of BMW Classic at BMW Munich that looks after BMW Clubs around the world, is running a series of live video sessions called BCCM Live. These very informative programs are conducted by the staff of BCCM. There have been 8 sensational sessions over the last 6 months, attended by BMW Club Members from all around the world.

BCCM Live Session, Vol.9, will be on Friday night 29 April at 8.00pm AEDT (Sydney). An interesting session from the showroom at BMW Classic. 

Next Friday’s topics will include:

  • Update and Introduction of new BCCM-Team
  • Collection spotlight:
    • BMW Turbo X1
    • BMW M6 GT3

BCCM Live April 2022 

How does it work?

BCCM sets up a MS Teams Meeting. In order to have the best possible quality, they kindly ask us to deactivate our camera and mute our microphones. There will be time for Q&A during the meeting and we can send our questions via chat.

Don't miss these opportunities for a view into BMW Classic. 

Their comments on what the sessions will be about?
We want to keep it casual. It´s just us members of the BCCM that will give you updates on news from the network, the BMW Group and other things that are keeping us busy. There will be also a chance for you asking questions.

Further information about the content will follow prior to the session within a reminder.

We will keep it simple: No studio, spectacular camera angles or sophisticated graphics.
As the format is still pretty new, we kindly ask for your understanding in case something should not work 100%. There will be always room for improvement and we also want to learn in every session what is most relevant for you.

We are pretty sure, we will have a good time.
Looking forward to a lot of you joining soon.