Come & Try at Sydney Motorsport Park AMAROO

There were around 50 drivers enter the day and 47 experienced running their cars on Sydney Motorsport Park Amaroo Circuit.
We had a range of drivers;
juniors from age 14, new drivers, experienced drivers and very proficient Supersprint drivers
all practicing and improving their driving skills under the watchful gaze of the instructors.

It was a day where Covid-19 was on everyone’s mind and we all practiced social distancing. Interesting to view the Driver Briefing with all drivers spread out in the paddock remaining socially separated to defeat Coronavirus.

The day started with a wet track and that made it challenging for all. The instructors went out on a set of demonstration laps showing how to take those corners on a wet track and we had Allan Haywood commenting on their style and ability. All the drivers viewed this spectacle from the pit wall.

Covid-19 prevented us having driving instructors in cars so we ran driving instruction via two-way radio. The instructors had transmitters and could describe driving techniques to their five followers. Some of our instructors were very proactive with continuous description of track position, braking points, turn-in points, apexes, exits and acceleration and some were a little quieter, saying nothing but simply observing driving techniques. Speed on the track was controlled by the instructors who sped up as the drivers demonstrated their capability.
There were two full sets of Follow the Instructor sessions during the morning and these continued in the afternoon but many opted for practicing their skills in instructor free sessions. 

Download Amaroo Car Race Circuit


My thanks to our members for getting behind this day and without out team of volunteers we simply could not run this event. When there is a club motorsport event and you are not occupied, please consider volunteering to assist.  It is a great experience.  

We had club committee members lending a hand:
Alex Wong, Ian McLachlan, Randall Lumbewe, David Gillies and Ashleigh Sherry

Club members as instructors:
Justin Bisset, Arthur Scerri, Gary Pearse, Kirby Allen, Gavin Clarke, Gavin Moss and
Brian Anderson.

Special thanks to:
Allan Haywood, Trevor Kilner, David Hunter, Dean Steward, Johnny Law, John Driver and Lucas Bisset

And the Motorsport Australia Reps:  Kim Hunter and Helen Nicholls

We had 47 in 43 different cars. 37 of those cars were BMWs.

Half of the BMWs were BMW M Cars.
8 x M2, 10 x M3, 2 x M4, 1 x M5

Age of vehicles:
1 was an E9 from 1972, 4 were 1980 to 1999, (E30s, E36, E46)
11 were 2000 to 2009 and 21 were 2010 and newer.

There was a range of BMWs:
1 x E9, 3 x E30, 3 x E46, 1 x E60, 1 x E82, 7 x E9X, 3 x F2X, 17 x F8X

The 9 instructors turned up with their own range of BMWs including:
E30, E34, E46, E82, E85 and F8X

and the other 6 drivers cars were an assortment including a new Toyota Supra with BMW running gear, 1 x Hyundai, 1 x Renault, 1 x Honda, 1 x Lexus and 1 x VW

I do believe that all drivers had more laps of the circuit than they could handle and drove home slowly, carefully, skillfully and very weary.

Enjoy driving your BMW,
Bob Williams