40th Anniversary Annual Gala Dinner

94 Members and their guests enjoyed our Annual Dinner at Terrey Hills Golf and Country Club. Thanks to our Club Secretary, Randall Lumbewe, for arranging this stunning club as our dinner venue and thanks to the club for looking after us. 
At our Annual Dinner Social and Motorsport awards plus 33 beautiful Club Motorsport trophies, Sponsored by our Club Surporters, were presented. 
Nyrie Soghomonian from Parramatta Prestige presented special guest Glenn Cox with his trophy as winner of Class MB in our Supersprint Championship.

We thank our Club Supporters:
Col Crawford Motors BMW 
Parramatta Prestige 
Peak Performance 
Leasing Edge Detailing
Northshore Collision Centre 
Fry’s Spares 
Road & Race Performance 
Shannons Insurance for Motoring Enthusiasts 

Major Social and Motorsport Awards

Club Member of the Year       Ian McLachlan
New Member of the Year       Stephen Page
President’s Award                 Bob Williams

David Kempt Memorial Award      Maureen Scerri
Encouragement Award                Jack Soghomonian
Rookie – Best new driver            Jordan McLachlan
Motorsport Person of the Year     Chris Kingsland

Motorsport Trophy winners:

Class D Classic Non-M BMWs      Sponsored by Shannons Insurance 
1st   Geoff Hoad      E46 323Ci

Class C – Older Non-M BMWs     Sponsored by Fry’s Spares
1st   Adrian Kent           E30 323i 1983
2nd  Anthony Newland   E36 328is 1996
3rd  Jordan McLachlan   E30 323i 1985

Class B – Newer or sports or a bit modified non-M BMWs     Sponsored by Northshore Collision Centre
1st   Bob Williams       E82 123d 2009
2nd  Gavin Moss         E89 Z4 2.8i 2016
3rd   Matt Nade          E46 330Ci 2002

Class A – Modern & Forced Induction Non-M BMWs sponsored Leading Edge 
1st    Andrew Anderson     E30 128i 1986
2nd   Rick White               E46 330Ci 2002
3rd    Jarrod Coleman       E87 130i 2006

Class MA – Modern M BMWs sponsored by Col Crawford Motors BMW 
1st    Luke Iggleden         E87 M2 2016
2nd   Jason Yu                 F87 M2 2016
3rd    Chris Kingsland       E36/7 M Roadster

Class MB – Classic M BMWs Parramatta Prestige
1st    Glenn Cox               E39 M5 1999
2nd   Michael Walter        E36 M3 1994 Maureen
3rd    Andrew Hedges      E46 M3 2003

Class Prep B – Modified BMWs sponsored by Road & Race Performance
1st   Arthur Scerri            E36 M3 S/C 1994
2nd   Ron Madafiglio        E46 M3 2002
3rd   Gerard Skelly          E82 135i 2009

Class Prep A – Extreme Modified BMWs sponsored by BeeEms
1st   Alex Wong               E82 135i 2008
1st   Justin Bisset            E82 135i 2008
3rd   Justin Lowery          E46 M3 2002

Class R – Racing BMWs sponsored by Peak Performance
1st    Rodney Forbes          E92 M3 GTS 2011 
2nd   Avedis Soghomonian E46 M3 S/C 2003
3rd    Lachlan McBrien       E46 M3 2002

Class O – Others Non BMWs sponsored by SWEA
1st   John Webster            Porsche GT4 2016
2nd   Martin Duursma       Lotus Exigo Cup 430

MotorKhana BMW Class sponsored by Shannons
1st   John Franta              F90 M5C 
2nd  Alex Wong               E82 135i 
3rd   John Law                 F87 M2

MotorKhana Non-BMW Class sponsored by Col Crawford Motors BMW
1st    Brent Morris Subaru    BRZ 
2nd   Leslie Hemperger        R33 GTST Mirage
3rd   Natasha Mooradnoori   Porsche Boxter

Thank you to Club member Victor Yee who spent the whole evening taking pictures.  They can be seen in Gallery