Supersprint Round 1 and thanks to our Volunteer Flag Marshals

On Sunday 21 February, 75 Drivers posted times at our first Supersprint for 2021 and it was at Sydney Motorsport Park Amaroo.  Brilliant fine and maybe even a bit too sunny for some of our drivers while others actually completed up to 46 laps.  Welcome to 24 first-timers and those drivers returning to Supersprints after a year off.  I hope that all had a successful day and will be regular Supersprint Drivers.

Interesting Stats:
16 F87 M2
 5 F80 M3
 4 F82 M4
 3 E46 M3
 2 E92 M3
 3 E36 M3
 1 E82 1M
 1 E90 M3
 2 E86 Z4M
 1 E36/7 M Roadster
 1 E30 M3
That is, out of 75, there were 39 M Cars, 24 of us drove regular BMWs and 12 drove other than BMWs. 73 of the Drivers are members of our Club.  

Results for Round 1 and the Points table after Round 1 are published in RESULTS  on this website  

Most important was we had our regular Volunteers and a great bunch of Flag Marshals. 
Thank you all for volunteering and making it possible to run Supersprints. 
Race Control                Allan Haywood
Motorsport Assistant  Heather McDonald
Chief Scrutineer          Arthur Scerri
Grid Marshal               Trevor Kilner
Start/Finish Marshal    Josh Davis
                                      Ian McLachlan
Flag Marshals          Adrian Wolff
                                Darryl Iggleden
                                 Jim Zahra
                                 Denis Mamo
                                 Marcial Rivera
                                 David Gibson
                                 Andrew Barac
Photographers      Victor Yee
                                Andrew Green

Attempting to run Club Motorsport under Covid-19 restrictions is difficult.

Documentation and Driver’s Briefing via email can only work if drivers read, understand, agree with and apply all that driving etiquette. We will do it differently next time.