Torque of the Town (issue 2, 2020)

The fabulous Covid-19 Torque of the Town Issue 2 for 2020 is full of member contributions and is now being edited.  It is programmed to be posted to everyone in mid-July. You can expect some of these articles and maybe others:

  • favourite driving roads
  • driving experiences - what went wrong
  • BMW car build t
  • bottomless pit car.
  • Competition No:1   Who has owned the most Beemers over the years.    
  • Competition No:2   Who currently has the most Beemers in their garage. 
  • Competition No.3   Who has the best simulator? 
  • about your Garage.  
  • visit to BMW Welt and a BMW Plant or two. 
  • All the information on the Club’s new Classic Registration as well as our Historic Registration schemes. 
  • What is an Official BMW Club? 
  • Letters to the editor

Do you have any "Torque" newsworthy items that we could include in Issue 3.  It has a deadline of 1 September.  Please send all comments, articles and images to  with the subject line “Story submission – title”