Your Club Committee

I am sure that you will all welcome three new General Committee members:
Robert Rizman, Simon Lane and Ashleigh Sherry.

The team now is:

   Alex Wong – President & MotorKhanas
   Ian McLachlan – Vice President, Ombudsman & CAMS Rep
   Randall Lumbewe – Secretary & Classic Registration
   David Gillies – Treasurer & Public Officer
   Bob Williams – Motorsport Director & Club Delegate
General Committee
   Sean McKone – Membership Secretary
   Ashleigh Sherry – Social Director
   Robert Rizman – IT Manager
   Simon Lane – Torque of the Town Editor
   Geoffrey Young – Dealer Liaison
   Anthony Newland – Advertising & Marketing
   Josh Davis – General Committee
Outside the Committee:
   Renate Polglaze – Merchandise and Regalia
   Gary Winterbottom – Historic Registration